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At Ehret, we are dedicated to providing you with help with your home sump pump in Belleville, Shiloh, O’Fallon, and throughout the Metro East.

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What Can a Sump Pump Do For You?


Sump pumps are the heart of your Belleville home plumbing system. When water starts leaking into your basement, the sump pump starts pulling it away from the foundation of your home and into your sewer system. Sump pumps are designed to prevent upcoming flooding inside of your home. Sump pumps are essential for maintaining your home plumbing and drain pipe systems. Having a reliable sump pump is key to keeping your home dry and free of any flooding inside the lower levels of your home. Belleville is a rather wet city with all of the rain and snow throughout the year, so having a functioning sump pump is ideal at all times. See what our Belleville sump pump repair and replacement services can do for you

Sump Pump Repair Services in Belleville


You know it’s time for a Belleville sump pump repair if your sump pump starts making strange noises. Does it keep turning on and off? Is it just staying off? Is your sump pump running for longer periods of time when it shouldn’t be? These are a few of the signs you could be having issues with your sump pump and it is time for a repair.

Our local plumbing technicians have years of experience working with and repairing sump pumps. Whether your sump pump needs basic repairs or it needs to be replaced altogether, our plumbers have all the necessary skills to quickly address the problem.

Sump pumps prevent your basement from flooding during heavy rainstorms. They have to be ready at all times, everyday, and they need to be reliable. If your sump pump is not being reliable, call our plumbing experts to repair it before the next big rain or snow storm comes.

Belleville Sump Pump Installation Experts


The process of a sump pump installation in Belleville can be quite labor intensive and, while many homeowners might originally endeavor to take the project on themselves, it simply is not feasible for the vast majority of them. That’s because installing sump pumps requires breaking into the home’s foundation itself and digging down at least 30 feet below the current foundation of the home. That alone can be quite a labor-intensive and intimidating for many homeowners. Also, Sump Pump Battery Back up Systems are always a great investment in case you lose electricity during a storm. A battery backup system will allow your sump pump to run and do its job even when the power and electricity is out, saving your home from any potential flooding.

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    Sump Pump Replacement Specialists


    Without the right kind of planning and technical knowledge, many individuals will find that they simply drain water outside and into an area where it easily comes back into the home. This defeats the purpose of the sump pump process altogether. Another issue that many less informed homeowners have to understand is just which sump pump they need to purchase to install in their home in order to prevent flooding.

    Some Belleville homes require less powerful pumps that don’t need to remove as much water, while others will require a heavy duty sump pump that can handle bigger loads of water.

    Purchasing the wrong pump can be a disaster, and a poor investment that ends up costing even more in a flooded home. A Sump Pump Replacement will ensure your basement is protected for a minimum of 6-10 years after a new installation.



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    If you’ve ever had your plumbing malfunction before, then you know how quickly even the smallest problems can progress to something more serious, sometimes even going from unsanitary to dangerous conditions. There are many different plumbing problems that can occur, but our experts are knowledgeable and experienced. Allowing them be able to properly diagnose the problem and offer you a lasting solution.

    Plumbing emergencies are real and they need to be addressed fast! For emergency plumbing service, do not hesitate to call Ehret immediately. We are available 24/7 and want to help—let us take care of your plumbing emergencies for you. Try to turn off the water shut-off valve to your house to prevent further damage until our plumbing experts arrive to help you.