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Backflow Prevention is a serious matter. When Your Water Backs Up, It’s Time to Look Out.  Backflow is a reversal in water or sewage direction caused by a reversal in water pressure. Whether it’s water or sewage that backs up, contamination occurs.

Backflow can occur and be confined to your own property or stem from problems with the city water supply. If left unchecked, the results can be harmful to your health.

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Ehret Back Flow Prevention


Having access to a clean supply of fresh water is important for everyone’s health. In most cities, municipal water lines bring this supply of clean water to businesses and residents throughout the area.

It must be protected against the risk of backflow originating from waste water systems.

Clean water is also referred to as potable water. The municipal water lines use a pressurized system to move potable water from a primary location through a network of pipes.

Eventually, this clean water reaches each of the businesses and homes located within city limits.

What Is Backflow?


Backflow occurs when dirty water travels through plumbing pipes in the wrong direction. Instead of waste water flowing normally, it does the exact opposite.

When backflow occurs, the waste water makes its way through the pipes intended for potable water. Instead of flowing out through the sewer lines, the dirty water flows into the pipes contaminating the contained clean water.

Backflow occurs at the points where pipes for potable and non-potable water meet.

Dirty water can contain any number of contaminants, depending on its source. In particular, dirty water is often polluted with one or more of the following substances: feces, soap, cosmetics, chemicals, pesticides, paints, fertilizers, medications, and other harmful substances.

Dirty water is a health hazard. If it gets into a potable water supply, it can cause serious harm to many people.

Importance of Back flow Prevention


The importance of backflow prevention should never be understated. When waste water flows through the pipes and travels in the wrong direction, it can contaminate the entire supply of potable water for a specific location or for the whole city.

Most cities have municipal codes in place that require certain types of businesses to install a backflow preventer.

In general, food establishments, public areas, apartment buildings, condominiums, and commercial buildings must install this kind of device.

A backflow prevention device should be installed at every point involving a cross-connection between the water supply and the plumbing equipment designed to handle waste water.

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