Will you be hosting the holidays this year? If that’s the case, we think you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing the big family dinners and a number of presents as gifts for your friends and family. We have a tendency to repeat ourselves around this time of year because people tend to forget what they can’t put in the garbage disposal while cooking. At Ehret hope you can enjoy a Yuletide without plumbing mishaps, and we would be happy to help you protect against these sorts of problems.

If you plan on preparing at least one traditional Christmas meal, it is fundamental to be mindful of the foods that go down your drains. Take liquified animal fats and butter and margarine, for example. After you’ve boiled off the excess from your roast or turkey, your first instinct may be to throw the remaining oil and grease down the drain. This is not recommended, as the oils and greases that are liquid today are eventually going to solidify. In your pipes, they build a thick layer that restricts water flow. It is preferable that you collect these greases in a container and either dispose of them later or use them in cooking



Will you bake this year? Don’t dispose of eggshells with the disposal. Even if ground to some extent, eggshell fragments can stick to pipe components and blades in your disposal, resulting in garbage bin outages and other flow complications. It is better to compost eggshells or put them in the trash.

By what do you suppose the garbage disposal is useful? It s a decent query. Why have a garbage disposal at all when you can identify a list of forbidden items? Well, the garbage disposal is not meant to process undesired food waste. It’s there to help keep your pipes clear of objects that may cause clogs. As you rinse dishes, it’s likely some food will end up down your sink, and the disposal helps to break it down. Ideally, though, you want to make sure only liquids go down your drains.

If you have a plumber over this holiday season, we hope it is because they are a dinner guest. However, if you have an emergency over the holiday season, you can contact Ehret Inc. for all your Belleville plumbing needs and we will handle your problem efficiently so you don’t miss out on the festivities.