The ideal circumstance is to repair the plumbing or gas issue by yourself, but at times it’s most responsible to hire a professional. At Ehret Inc, we are the best pick for any experienced, local, professional plumber. We receive the bulk of our calls from homeowners who attempted to complete a plumbing task by watching a YouTube video that didn’t fix the issue, or from homeowners who just do not have a strong enough schedule to take care of all their house projects.

If you don’t have time for a do-it-yourself fix, or if you’re unable to perform the task from your expertise or convenience, you can contact us for help. When it comes to local plumbing services in Belleville, IL, we at Ehret aim to exceed your expectations, ranking among the most popular options. We are certified, trained, experienced, punctual, and honest.




As our track record demonstrates, we do not overcharge for the work we complete. Depending on the enormity of the job, we’ll try to provide an estimate over the phone or later give a rough estimate for completed work that needs to be assessed in person. Prices are subject to change without notice before work begins, so you’ll be aware of the cost before we begin any project.

We work well and adapt our efforts to match the job at hand. We only use top-shelf products because we believe that quality is of utmost importance, and we back our work with written guarantees. At Ehret, our number one priority is that you are completely satisfied with everything we have to offer regarding your residential and commercial plumbing needs. As a family-owned business, we are focused on meeting our valued client’s expectations. Looking for a professional plumber that you can count on for prompt, quality service? Give us a call at (618) 233-1018 for all your plumbing and gas needs!